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    We focus on what implications Systems Theory, Cybernetics, Chaos Theory and Epistemology can have on organizations and how organizations need to act to be viable.

    We are professionals in different areas of expertise, aiming to strenghten our network and knowledge in 3 core areas:


    - Systemic Management

    - Organizational Development 

    - Leadership and HR

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  • A new way - based on our core beliefs


    Due to the confluence of technology and biology, the central systems of our global society face tremendous change and exponential transformation, in a way and speed never seen before. Those changes cause massive disruption - but are a chance to shape the world in a positive way for the next generations.


    However, most organizations today are built for a linear, reductionist, hierarchical and centralized world. We believe this is a model of the past. Viable organizations of the future will need to be driven by variability, openness, speed, transparency and risk-taking.


    We believe a new way of thinking - a cybernetical way of thinking - and a new style in management is necessary to create a positive future. Based on those beliefs and inputs from respected academics worldwide, we create our thesis and approach. We are working with people who share our view of the world and are willing to build exponential organizations.

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